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Surgery Center of Silverdale

9800 Levin Road, Suite 102
Silverdale, WA 98383
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Surgery Center of Silverdale, LLC is a state of the art, multi-specialty facility that opened in the spring of 2007. Our physicians are the best in the West Sound area, and their specialties include general surgery, orthopedics, podiatry, ocular & facial plastic surgery, pain management, and ophthalmology (glaucoma, retina and pediatric sub-specialties).

The ASC Advantage

An Ambulatory Surgery Center is specifically geared toward the needs of patients having surgery on an outpatient basis. Like a hospital we employ all the latest technology and the best clinical staff, but because Surgery Centers aren't set up for overnight stays we are able to be more efficient and cost effective than a hospital. On average, ASC charges are about 50% of hospital charges for the same surgical procedure.

Other advantages of ASC's include
  • Specialization in a smaller number and type of surgical procedures
  • Surgeons are able to exercise greater control
  • Excellent quality of care, proven by numerous outcomes measurement studies
  • A convenient, personalized, low-stress patient experience
  • Patient satisfaction ratings of greater than 98%

ASC's are changing the face of health care in communities across the country. We are eager to serve you. Please review our web site and learn more about the excellent service the Surgery Center of Silverdale offers.  For more information on the place of Ambulatory Surgery Centers in our health care delivery system, and how ASC's are advancing surgical care, please click on the following link:

Our Mission

"To be the best place in every way for patients having outpatient surgery."

To provide our patients with the best quality surgical care delivered with convenience, cooperation, efficiency and cost effectiveness in a comfortable and pleasant outpatient environment. Through physician involvement we can ensure that the energy spent in these pursuits will benefit our patients and community directly.

It is our intention that the excellent operation of this center will exceed the expectations and reap rewards far greater than our individual efforts would produce.

Benefits realized by our efforts will be advantageous for outpatient staff, physicians and community and will enhance the health care delivery system in Kitsap County and the entire West Sound region.